Our Story

In 2012, Founder Briana Sherrer moved from Minnesota to Texas. She had volunteered for a rescue organization in Minnesota and wanted to continue fostering pets in her new home. That’s when she discovered of the severe overpopulation of unwanted animals in Texas shelters.

Minnesota and other states in the U.S. don’t battle the same issues as Texas with overpopulation and euthanasia rates at shelters. Briana joined forces with other amazing animal-loving friends in Texas, and put together a plan to help dogs and cats escape their untimely deaths in shelters by securing their placement in Minnesota or Wisconsin with one of our foster-based rescue partners.

With Briana’s rescue contacts in Minnesota, we focused primarily on transporting code red or medical need pets to Minnesota and Wisconsin with many of them being adopted prior to arriving to their rescue.

Passport For Paws began by helping a few dogs per month get out from Texas shelters, and now, the rescue is transporting an average of 70 animals monthly to Minnesota and Wisconsin. The organization’s network of fosters and transporters are completely volunteer-based and vital to Passport for Paw’s growth and success.

Every animal has their own, unique story and holds a special place in our heart.